Email and Calendar: Office 365

Cal Poly offers email and calendar services for current students, faculty and staff. Campus users can forward their campus email to other email providers (like Yahoo! or Gmail), if desired. Each account has integrated email, calendar, personal address book, tasks and file storage. Auxiliary and departmental accounts are available upon request.

Getting Started

Email accounts for students, faculty or staff, are created automatically. To access your account, use the single-click feature within the MyCalPoly Portal labeled "Email & Calendar."


We recommend using a web browser to access your email and calendar on Office 365. However, other email software like Mac Mail and Outlook will work.


Some users prefer to forward their Cal Poly mail to a personal email account, like Gmail. Set your Electronic Delivery Address (EDA) to make this happen.


Recommend Client

Supported clients include Mac Mail, Outlook, and standard IMAP and POP clients.  Device support includes iOS and Android.

Get Help

Call or visit the Service Desk
Location: Building 46
Phone: (805) 756-7000 

Updated: Mon, 04/03/2017 - 3:44pm

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