Smart Classroom Support

Smart Classrooms are those with extra technology services to support classroom presentations. Our Classroom Support web site provides information about equipment, training and options for classroom upgrades. ITS provides support for most Smart Classrooms, but some are supported by departmental technical staff.

Getting Started

Every quarter we provide Smart Room training for instructors, faculty and staff to learn how to best use the technology in the different smart rooms and labs. ITS sends an email at the beginning of each quarter, inviting people to participate in these training sessions. If you are interested, please contact Classroom Technology at 805-756-7198 or

Get Help

Classroom Technology Direct Help

Visit us in person, send an email or call the hotline for support and troubleshooting assistance.

Phone: 805-756-7198
Location: In the Education Building: Building 2, Room 9

Updated: Mon, 07/23/2018 - 11:29am

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