Software Services

Cal Poly offers access to many kinds of software for staff, faculty, students and labs including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and many more.

Getting Started

How to access and download software

Access the software download site through the My Cal Poly Portal. See Cal Poly Software Downloads to learn how to find and download software. Some software titles are not licensed for all Cal Poly users and may not be available when searching for particular titles.


Available software 

Active software titles are updated monthly; the list is located at Currently Supported Software Titles. Retired software titles are updated at the end of the Academic Year. The list is located at Retired Software Titles. Retired software titles are no longer supported, and may require security exception by the Information Security department.

Get Help

ITS Service Desk

Call or visit the ITS Service Desk
Location: Building 46, across from Spanos Stadium 
Phone: 805-756-7000

CITC (Department Technical Staff)

College and department technical staff can help you get and install Software Services titles.


If the license keys do not work or the download does not complete contact the college or department support staff first. As an alternative, you can also email ITS Software Service team

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