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The Cal Poly campus uses the Drupal web content management system as the tool to create department, unit, and program websites. Drupal templates allow users to quickly create and update web pages without being HTML/CSS experts. We offer training materials, one-on-one consultations, and extensive email support.

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If you need help contact the Cal Poly Drupal team at drupalsupport@calpoly.edu.


Your first stop to Drupal troubleshooting is the Drupal user guides (they're awesome)

Here are some common questions and solutions:


How do I log into my site?


  1. Go to your sitename.calpoly.edu/user and use the same login information you'd use for the My Cal Poly Portal.
  2. Make sure the www is not in front of the site name.
  3. If your site is in stage login with sitename-stage.calpoly.edu/user and use your Cal Poly login.
  4. The Drupal Tips & FAQ has more information.


I added a menu item and it's not showing up?


The document that the menu points to needs to be published.  Menus don't display for unpublished content.


How do I embed a video?


Check out these instructions for embedding video.


Can I link to a PDF?


Link to the PDF like you're making a regular link


My site is in the completed stage, how do I get it into production?


We will handle that for you.  Drop us a note at drupalsupport@calpoly.edu. We appreciate 24 hours notice. 

Updated: Mon, 07/23/2018 - 11:31am

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