Communications and Collaboration

  • Cal Poly Directory

    Cal Poly lists contact information about our faculty, staff, students, departments and clubs in our campus directory.

  • Cell Phones

    Students, staff and faculty all use their cell phones on campus. Because of that, we offer services that support personal and/or state-sponsored accounts. Campus Wi-Fi offers a secure online connection for all. Staff and faculty may qualify for personal discounts at some vendors.

  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage displays dynamic communications within a department or building on anything from a large format LCD to a digital projector depending on the installation. Communications might include informational, promotional, marketing, emergency, and public safety content.

  • File Storage and Sharing

    Cal Poly offers 1 terabyte of storage through Office 365 OneDrive. Available to students, faculty and staff, OneDrive provides web-based document creation, editing, and easy file sharing.

  • Office Phones

    Campus telephone services are provided to faculty, staff and residence hall students. Typically, a department's Telephone Coordinator will put in requests and orders. Our phone services are feature rich, allowing users an array of capabilities from call forwarding to voicemail notification in your campus email.

  • Email and Calendar: Office 365

    Cal Poly offers email and calendar services for current students, faculty and staff. Campus users can forward their campus email to other email providers (like Yahoo! or Gmail), if desired. Each account has integrated email, calendar, personal address book, tasks and file storage. Auxiliary and departmental accounts are available upon request.

  • Media Resource Center

    The Media Resource Center offers a variety of media equipment and laptop computers for short-term checkout in support of instructional and/or academic needs.

  • Smart Classroom Support

    Smart Classrooms are those with extra technology services to support classroom presentations. Our Classroom Support web site provides information about equipment, training and options for classroom upgrades. ITS provides support for most Smart Classrooms, but some are supported by departmental technical staff.

  • Web Publishing

    The Cal Poly campus uses the Drupal web content management system as the tool to create department, unit, and program websites. Drupal templates allow users to quickly create and update web pages without being HTML/CSS experts. We offer training materials, one-on-one consultations, and extensive email support.